About Us

Mission Statement

ChildrenUP is committed to strengthening the spirit of the people of northern Uganda from the ChildrenUP in partnership with schools and organizations with the same mission in mind.

Donation Statement

ChildrenUP Is a 501(c)(3) charity.

Your donations support students’ education. The board volunteers its time, resources and skills here in the USA to administer the program.

Board members have contributed to support the administrative tasks of ChildrenUP in Uganda.

You know that your money is directly assisting students.

Our Beliefs

1) We believe that all children are entitled to basic human rights.
2) We believe that a child’s health and well-being sustain educational success.
3) We believe that education provides hope and empowerment.
4) We believe that the Ugandan cultures be respected.

Members of the Board

Charles Laliberte, Director
Elizabeth Laliberte, Bookkeeper
Linda Carpenter
Mike Lynch,
Ed Rebek, Communication and Design
Karlette Murray, Web Coordinator
Dotty Valintis,
Asst. Director of Student Services
Phyllis Cady
Board Member
John Nester, Board Member
Karian Markos, Board Member

How We Became Involved

On a visit to see his daughter in Uganda in 2005, Charlie Laliberte spent most of his time visiting the wonders that Uganda has to offer. However, his daughter’s discoveries through a previous visit caused a shadow over Charlie’s impression created by the richness of the landscape, wildlife and the warmth of the people. Together with a group of friends, ChildrenUP was formed and action was begun.